Responding to RFPs

Responding to B2B RFP’s is critical to the success of many organizations. Unfortunately this can be a long, tedious process which is often pressed for time due to RFP deadlines. Many organizations completely miss responding to business opportunities because they lack the resources and the time to accurately create the proposals. Proposals that are not aggressive enough “lose” and the effort used to produce them is wasted. Proposals that are too aggressive may win the contract, but without the necessary profitability.

There are many pitfalls that can have devastating impacts on a company's profitability. In order to win the most contracts while simultaneously preserving optimal profitability, organizations need to incorporate workflow management, business intelligence, data scrubbing and optimization best practices concurrently.

Criteria for Success

Each RFP response must meet the following criteria:
  • All requested items are accurately identified as quickly as possible
  • Items are cross referenced for pricing / cost comparisons
  • Each item is priced optimally for customer / market segment / unique supplier discounts
  • Costs are analyzed and reviewed for possible supplier interaction / negotiations
  • Pricing aggressiveness is ensured to maximize contract wins
  • Profitability is validated and optimized
  • All of the above are achieved as efficiently and organized as possible to meet deadlines

Blue Fox Software has successfully helped many large organizations meet and exceed these challenges to excel above their competition. Contact us to find out how we can help your company.