Manufacturing Challenges

The manufacturing industry covers a wide range of companies producing a multitude of varying products. Some of these organizations produce thousands of parts with varying pricing/discounts on a contract by contract basis. Some deal with thousands of suppliers, and hundreds of thousands of parts. In this tough economy most manufacturers are faced with increasing costs and decreasing sales.

Controlling Costs / Optimizaing Profits

For financial success, it is critical for manufacturers to control costs and optimize profits, as well as increasing sales. Optimizing customer and supplier contracts utilizing integrated business intelligence is one of the best areas to increase profitability. At the same time, responding to and winning as many RFP contracts as possible may be the best way to increase revenue. Manufacturers need the right tools and workflow to maximize customer wins and profitability.

Blue Fox Software has helped enterprise level manufacturers and distributors meet these challenges head on and turn them into their competitive advantage. Contact one of our representatives to see how we can increase your organizations profitability.