Increasing Profit Margins

There are 2 ways to increase profit margins:
  • Increase Prices
  • Lower Costs
Constantly changing prices and markups across hundreds or thousands of suppliers covering thousands to millions of parts can be difficult to manage. Adding to the mix part cross referencing across suppliers, customer specific contracts, and mixed net and category pricing complicates comparisons for enabling successful supplier negotiations. Finally, the time pressures involved with client contracts and supply chain management frequently squeeze out the time necessary to analyze and take action against the potential cost optimizations.

The result is sub-optimal supplier contracts that go unnoticed costing the company a direct percentage of their bottom line.

Call to Action

The ability to minimize costs and maintain full view of supplier contracts and cost relationships is critical in today’s highly competitive business environment. Our solutions integrate cost analysis with contract management workflows to provide insights and supporting data throughout RFP/contract lifecycles to fully optimize supplier negotiations.