Continued Growth

The distribution industry has continued to grow even during these difficult times. Distribution thrives because of its ability to effectively manage supply chains, provide a local presence for customers, and respond quickly to customer needs while maintaining profitable margins. But even though the distribution industry has continued to remain vital, many organizations have not made the profits and growth they are capable of. Managing the relationships of thousands of suppliers and customers is no easy task, and requires a high level of organization, intelligence and analysis to optimize profitability. Distributors typically face stiff competition, that is always working to gain the advantage and increase their customer share. Without the right solution and processes in place, distributors risk losing customers to the competition and achieving sub-optimal profit margins.

Reaching Maximum Efficiency

For a distribution company to truly reach its maximum efficiency it is crucial that all relevant information is managed, analyzed and acted upon throughout the customer and supplier negotiation processes. This cannot happen unless the business intelligence analysis is an integral part of the everyday workflow involved with both supplier and customer contracts. This integration of information must be customized and optimally tuned to each unique organization to truly realize the maximum results possible. Additionally, the entire workflow turnaround must be as quick as possible to affect the largest number of contracts and achieve the highest number of customer wins.

Blue Fox Software has helped enterprise level distributors and manufacturers meet these challenges head on and turn them into their competitive advantage. Contact one of our representatives to see how we can increase your organizations profitability.