The Situation

Few adjustments within an organization have as much impact on the bottom line as pricing.

Increasing prices can immediately increase profits, but at the risk of losing customers and completely decimating profitability. Lowering prices may be necessary to win new customers, but at the risk of low margins and leaving money on the table. Complicating the task of optimizing pricing is the massive amount of data involved for larger organizations. Millions of transactions for thousands or millions of items across thousands of suppliers add up to an intimidating mountain of data. The result is that many organizations do not adequately optimize their pricing, consequently losing customers, losing margin gaps and ultimately hurting the bottom line.

What needs to be done

Organizations need to monitor, analyze and adjust all pricing activities and results to hit the “sweet” spot maximizing contract wins and margin profitability. Our solutions manage the entire contract lifecycle, organizing and optimizing all workflows and processes while seamlessly integrating the advanced business intelligence necessary to hit the proverbial “sweet” spot. In addition, our solutions incorporate extensive flexibility and expandability to be truly customized to the unique requirements of your organization and sales team.