Business Intelligence

Businesses today require a lot of information and accumulate even more. Frequently, the amount of data is overwhelming, and the people who need it don't get it at the right time. Echelon gets the information to the right people at the right time, in a format that they can easily understand and use.

What is RFP Business Intelligence?

An RFP Business Intelligence solution tightly integrates Business Intelligence (BI) into every aspect of the RFP process. The larger the organization, the greater the need for effective business intelligence. But studies have proven that BI separated from other business processes and workflow is far less effective than BI that is an integral part of the normal business workflow. BI analysis on customer pricing and supplier costs results in unparalleled ROI through optimized margins and increased contract wins.

Why do we need RFP Business Intelligence?

  • Win more customer contracts without leaving money on the table
  • Respond to more RFP’s, faster -> again, winning more customer contracts
  • Improved customer and supplier contacts and relationships
  • Put out more RFP’s to suppliers -> improved supplier costs
  • Optimized pricing -> better margins
  • Optimized costs -> better margins
  • Manage RFP processes and workflows, improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness

What type of organization best fits?

  • Enterprise Manufacturers (10,000+, or millions of parts)
  • Enterprise Distributors (10,000+, or millions of parts)
  • Organizations that regularly include “Market Baskets” as part of their contracts
  • Industries: Agricultural, Automotive, Electrical, Chemical